Your Drone Will Change Shape Soon

Technology moves forward. We are big enthusiasts of new technologies. Today we would like to present you a new technology that will produce shapeshifting drones.

shape-shifting material

Engineers at Cornell University in New York have developed and demonstrated a new material, whose structure resembles a hybrid of metal and spongy foam. It consists partly of silicone and partly of metal.

At lower temperatures, the invention is of course very hard, but the heating may take a different, of any shape. Importantly, the process of cooling, heating and distortion will not lose its strength, but scientists have not explored after which time it loses its usefulness. It can be freely bend, but also eg. to connect with another piece of such a hybrid material, heating it and linking them together, or simply repair the existing damaged material.

US Air Force are interested in creating new shape-shifting drones, which could, for example shorten their wings during flight and dive into the water. But this is only one of many possibilities that can not be replaced. Scientists will improve his invention and also begin work on a soft, shape-shifter robots. This technology will be of great use not only in the military but also in the aerospace industry and medicine. We are of course the most ethusiastic about drones and future possibilities.

We imagine the future drone which is able to shape shift, self-heal, self-asemble

Let’s see a short movie about shape memory, welding and founders of the new material:

And here you can watch another shape-shifting material which was invented by Chinese scientists. This material is shape memory polymer which is both plastic and flexible.

Looks great. We hope they will be used for new types of drones soon.

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