Will Drones Take Dogs For Walks?

The future of drones is looking brighter and brighter every day, but there is one use for drones that hasn’t come up as much as it should, given the amount of people who own dogs in America.

Drone takes dog for a walk In the future, could a drone walk your dog for you? Imagine a future where you can simply attach your dog to a drone and have it taken on a walk. With the busy lives that we lead now, finding time to walk your dog on a regular basis can be a hassle, no matter how much you would love to do it yourself.

In the future, a drone could be equipped with a GPS tracker, camera, and dog leash attachment, allowing you to manually walk your dog if you can’t get outside, but it could also eventually walk them automatically, without any input from you. The obvious problem is that it would have to have enough power to control the dog if necessary, but in the future that could easily become a reality. Commercial drones are becoming more and more powerful with each generation, so it is only a matter of time.

How soon can you walk your dog with a drone? Only time will tell.

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