Why Is Google So Interested In Drones?

Google has a load of money to spend on programs that they are interested in, but the secret drone program could be one of the most interesting things that they are working on. Everyone knows that Amazon is planning to deliver packages to people in just a couple of hours, but why is Google so interested in drone technology?

Google DroneThey purchased Boston Dynamics recently and this left a lot of people asking questions about what they were going to be working on. This could be just Google trying to one-up Facebook and their own drone program purchases, but what if they have something big in mind? Reports are now coming out saying that they are going to be working on ways to do a number of things, including making Google Maps more accurate than ever, essentially replacing the Google StreetView cars with drones.

These drones could also be used to bring internet access to very remote areas that haven’t been able to gain access before. Whether or not this would bring the kinds of speeds that Google Fiber can remain to be seen, but a similar high speed internet is possible.

The future will tell us what Google has in mind, but given the brainpower that they have put behind the project it is surely an exciting time.

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