What Is The Range Of A Drone?

When looking at drones, there is one thing that can have a massive impact on the kind of model you choose, and that is the range that it has. While commercial drones might not be able to touch the range that military drones have, there are some that can have a larger range than you would think.

Drone Fly Away


Military drones, for example, can reach ranges of up to 675 miles, which is incredible and allows the military to reach targets that are in completely different countries, without having to have a base stationed there. As the theater of war gros more complex, this can be an import an asset.

On the other hand, commercial drones can reach around 50 yards and 30 feet in the sky. The best thing about most commercial drones is that when they go out of range they simply stall in place, allowing you to get closer and regain control of it. This means you won’t lose a drone just because it went out of range, which is a constant worry for drone enthusiasts.

As you can see, the range varies greatly from model to model, although depending on what you want to use the drone for you might choose one with a specific range.

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