What Is A Quadcopter?

Many of the drones that are currently available rely on the quadcopter form for a number of reasons, but what does it really mean? What are the benefits of quadcopters over other types?

Blade 350QX Quadcopter
Blade 350QX Quadcopter

Unlike most helicopters and helicopter style drones, quadcopters actually have two sets of identical propellers: One set of clockwise and one set of counter-clockwise. By altering the rate of rotation for each of these pairs, users can control life and torque to keep the drone under control.

That method of controlling them also means that they don’t fall victim to many of the problems that vertical flight usually comes with. These are the most stable designs imaginable and, with the help of sensors that most drones have, operators will never have to worry about any stability issues.

What that in mind, it is easy to see why so many commercial groups are interested in using quadcopters for their own purposes, such as the Amazon delivery service. If you are just getting into using a drone, the quadcopter should definitely be the option you choose. The stability alone makes it the easiest to operate, which ensures that any video or photos will be as clear as possible.

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  1. Well what can i say, as a young man in the 1950s i often thought of building a quad copter but as we all have dreams and other things to do that demand our attention i failed to do as i wanted, then came retirement, this year my dear other half bought myself a mobility scooter, yes it was wonderful and i went caving with ‘scooty’..big mistake…turned scooty over and crushed my foot, can’t walk now but i will, then i had an idea, why not get a quad copter ! then i could explore the local caves and have fun, i am now 75 and so looking forward to my new fun

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