Typhoon H has landed

CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, is the largest exhibition of electronics and technological innovations in the world. If manufacturers exhibiting their products want to be the best possible way to advertise to make their premiere at CES, because then the whole world is looking at them . Typhoon H drone was presented at the CES 2016. That the drone we want to talk about.

Typhoon H

Intel (yes – that of Intel CPUs) last year invested $ 60 million in a Chinese producer drone Youneec and it seems that you can see the first fruits of this investment. At CES 2016, Intel launched Typhoon H drone with its own innovative system RealSense to detect and avoid obstacles that drone encounters on his way. On Typhoon H board there is also a 4K camera with a matrix of 12 megapixels and a gimbal with filming and photographing 360 degrees. Expected drone price is $ 1,799 which is rather like a small expense for such technology. As you can see technology avoiding obstacles, significantly increases the cost of the drone. However, by taking into account reduced the risk of damaging the machine, its purchase will certainly be profitable.


Typhoon H is the smallest and most advanced of the Typhoon family . ST16 controller with 7-inch screen based on Android is to be included in the kit. The maximum flight time is only up to 22 minutes.


Looks nice for people who want to have fun and don’t want to spend a lot.

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