The New MeCam Drone

If you have played any science fiction video game in the past few years, you are familiar with the flying robot sidekick that many of them feature. With the help of MeCam, that is close to becoming a reality.

MeCam drone This tiny robot will hover behind you and film everything you do, for a price a lot lower than you might think. MeCam is the latest in tiny robotic drones that can film people, although this ambitious drone a series of 14 sensors that will keep the drone stable and providing panorama video without needing a remote control. The 1080p video that it sends out can easily be uploaded to Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook and, with the help of a real-time sound filter, you won’t have to worry about any engine buzz getting in the way.

The most incredible thing about this drone is that it only costs $49 to purchase, much less than most drones that don’t have the ability to follow you around and films everything that you do. If you are interested in sharing videos of your exploits, this is perhaps the cheapest and most effective way of doing it. You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to do it anymore.

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