The Incredible Internet.Org Project

There has long been a problem when it comes to bringing internet to places that have traditionally been hard to reach. Google had a project that would do this with the help of weather gallons, but the project is now working to use drones to solve this problem, opening up the rest of the world to the wide open world of the internet.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg This is an organization of Facebook along with six other mobile phone companies and they are attempting to bring internet access to the world. It was launched in August of 2013, with Zuckerberg saying that internet access is now a human right in the modern world. This vision led to the purchase of Titan Aerospace for $60 million. This drone company is what they are going to be using to bring wireless internet to people across the globe.

They have been criticized by some for this motion, with some saying that it isn’t actually a human rights issue and that Facebook is simply looking to profit in some way, but the fact remains that when people have more access to internet it is always going to be a good thing. Stay tuned to find out when this project becomes a reality.

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