The I Like Giving Drone

Drones can bring some nice moments. This can be a pleasure when you dump gift with a drone.

Just watch this video:

Just look at the faces of these people. Perhaps it is a good idea to drop something from your drone for a neighbor or friend?

We are sure that almost every bride would like to got flowers dropped from drone on her wedding. This moment could be really rommantic for the bride and groom as well. Dropping flowers with drone will appreciate the whole family. This is an example that drones can spice up the moment.

It is also a good idea to play with your younger brother or sister (or kid). Use your drone to drop some toy or teddy bear. Record it and watch together.

If you’re rich enough, dump the money in the park. Record it with drone’s camera and attach as a comment below this article. Cashes must be true. Fakes do not count.

There are examples of having fun with a drone and make other people happy.

In this video someone dropped donuts on a police car. Do not do that πŸ™‚

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