The Dragonfly Drone

In a world where drones seem larger than life and even commercially available ones are quadcopters, there is a company that is going to change all of that with the Dragonfly. This is one of the smallest and most affordable drones on the market today, making it a great option for hobbits that are just trying to get in on the action.

Dragonfly Drone

TechJect has developed the Dragonfly through Indiegogo funding and it is set to be a $120 drone that will fit into the palm of your hand. Requiring only one AA battery, it is smaller than most people thought possible. In fact, the ability to stream live video to an iPhone or iPad makes it one of the most fascinating drones to hit the market.

Even better, when you purchase one you’ll have the ability to customize it, like the color, the wing design, and different cameras that are available. With a little ingenuity, you can program it yourself as well.

A lot of people are moving towards larger drones that have more technologically advanced features, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something special about small ones. No one will even notice this tiny drone flying around, which is a big deal when you consider the kind of panic that has been surrounding them lately.

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  1. I am interested in small drone technology. I’m a retired electronic technician, from Bank of America. I installed and maintained their Security systems throughout Northern California. I want to be involved at any level of this exciting new exciting technology. Prior to your new product coming to market, will international distribution rights be available?
    Thank You. Joseph Kennedy.

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