The BioniCopter Drone – dragon but smaller

There are a lot of drones available right now, making it hard to exactly blow minds when you release a new one, but the Bionicopter from Festo did exactly that when it was unveiled.
Bionicopter festo

The Bionicopter measures 17.3 inches long and is modeled after a dragonfly, replicating the incredibly fast wing movements and the ability to fly in any direction as well as hover, all without the use of traditional stabilizing propellers that quadcopters use, for example. The unique drone is controlled by a smartphone app that controls the drone, although micro adjustments are made automatically to keep it in flight and on track. Is uses just a two-cell lithium ion battery, so it isn’t known how long the battery would last, but it is promising so far.

According to the company, they have also worked hard to make it one of the lightest drones on the market, using sensors in a way that combines the information they pull, in order to save space and make it as compact as possible. There isn’t any pricing information available just yet, or a release date, but Festo is working hard to bring it to market and start changing the way that people view aerial drones.

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