The Autonomous HEXO+ Drone

The rise of autonomous drones has a lot of people excited about the kinds of things that are going to be possible, but in particular people are becoming more and more excited about the chance to film themselves without having to have a dedicated cameraman. Drones like the Hexo+ make it possible to get better shots than ever.

Hexo Plus

This drone program was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that was featured in practically every science magazine you can imagine. It raised over $1.3 million and featured over 2,000 backers, showing the kind of excitement that is surrounding it. Using a Go Pro camera that is attached to the drone, you can easily set up the aerial shot and get a live preview on your phone, before allowing the drone to use fine tuned measurements to keep you in the shot and film everything that you are doing.
Hexo Plus

This easy to use software, and with a top speed of 45mph, it can easily track you no matter what you are doing and make it possible to get better video opportunities than have ever been possible. You just need Android or iOs.

Hexo + is equipped with a special sensor that make the integration of our smartphone drone starts to follow him. Just pre-set parameters such as height and angle from which we want to be all recorded. The battery is enough for 15 minutes of flight, that is standard for modern times.

Preorders are open and going. Hexo+ costs $1145 what is more than many other commercial drones, but the amount of work that has been put into this drone makes it well worth the extra cash. If you have a 3D printer you can save. You can print Hexo+ at home.

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