Taranis Drone

There are a large number of combat drones currently in operation, but one of the most recent is the one used by the British military: The Taranis.

Taranis Drone

This is a feat of engineering and something that is going to be increasingly important to combat missions that are being carried out. The Taranis is a semi-autonomous unmanned warplane and it is meant to fly intercontinental missions, carrying a variety of weapons and not only fighting ground targets, but aerial ones as well. This is a large improvement over the current drones that can only fire missiles at ground targets.

The test flights started in October of 2013, when the UK Ministry of Defence started releasing in formation on it. They say that the test flights exceeded all of their expectations and that the flight time and length were something that pleased them very much. This, even though the first test flights actually happened two years later than they were hoping.

These drones are a feat to be seen and they are just the latest in combat drone developments. They are still being largely tested by the military, but there is no reason to think that they aren’t going to be incredibly useful.

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