Explore best drone photos

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing apps and social media communities that the world has ever known. it is no wonder that Facebook paid such an incredible amount of money for it. There is a new movement happening, though, that is centering around the drone enthusiasts that love taking pictures with their drones and love sharing them with others.

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The Incredible Internet.Org Project

There has long been a problem when it comes to bringing internet to places that have traditionally been hard to reach. Google had a project that would do this with the help of weather gallons, but the Internet.org project is now working to use drones to solve this problem, opening up the rest of the world to the wide open world of the internet.

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Why Is Google So Interested In Drones?

Google has a load of money to spend on programs that they are interested in, but the secret drone program could be one of the most interesting things that they are working on. Everyone knows that Amazon is planning to deliver packages to people in just a couple of hours, but why is Google so interested in drone technology?

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