Drones That Hunt Fish

Drones that hunt fish have been under a lot of scrutiny lately, mainly from wildlife advocates who say that this is an unfair advantage to fisherman who can now snap up more catches than ever. Even though that might be a conversation for another day, it remains true that this can be a powerful asset for technologically minded fishermen.

Drone hunts Fish

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What Is The Future Of Drones?

Right now, with the FAA regulation talks going on, a lot of people are uncertain about the future of drones, but there are good reasons to think that there is going to be a lot going on that will change the world. In the future, drones are going to be used for a lot of different things, even replacing a lot of human jobs.

Future Drone

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Are Drones Dangerous For People?

Drones might seem like they are only dangerous to the people on the other end of a Predator’s strike, but in fact there are a couple of unique dangers that commercial and private drones pose to the public. These might only be minor concerns for now, until the FAA and commercial organizations can figure out what the best way to handle them is.

Drone Shoots

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