Strange Uses For Drones

With drones becoming more an more popular as the price drops, people are coming up with increasingly strange and inventive uses for drones. These might not be things that everyone wants to do, but they are nonetheless interesting uses for drones.

Drones Whale Watching

Competition: Drone combat is something that is growing in popularity, even if it might take a bit of engineering knowledge to get the hang of.

Whale Watching: Keeping an eye on wildlife is something that people put a lot of effort in to, but now drones make it possible to go whale watching without ever leaving the shore.

Mind Control: It turns out, there are new ways of controlling drones that can involve using the mind, rather than a standard controller that most drones are using.

Hunting: It might seem like hunting isn’t something that drones might be a part of, but hunters are finding more and more ways to take advantage of them. This can be mainly used for tracking down animals, but it is only a matter of time before someone finds out how to mount a gun on a commercially available drone.

Do any of these sound appealing? Try out some of them if you get a chance.

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