Solar Powered Drones

With the move towards cleaner, long term energy, it should be no surprise that there are now drones coming out that rely on solar power. In particular, there are a few drones that are attempting to fly for even years at a time!

Solar Powered Drone
Puma Solar Powered Drone

Titan Aerospace is testing out a drone that can fly at 65,000 feet and fly for five years nonstop, in theory. With an incredible 50 meter wingspan, it is also something that is going to face a lot of scrutiny from the FAA.

Google has already tested the waters of drone delivery services before, but now they have also purchased a solar powered drone company known as Titan Aerospace, for $20 million. Facebook jumped on board as well, buying Ascenta for their own program that hasn’t been revealed yet.

The main goal of both of these companies is to create a long term drone that doesn’t require bulky, problematic ways of powering them. What stands out about Google’s in particular is that they are hoping that they will be able to use these solar powered drones to deliver gigabit internet to a much larger audience than they can now.

It only stands to reason that private drones are going to have the same capabilities. Solar powered technology is getting more and more affordable as well as more compact, so it shouldn’t be long before we begin to see them become much more affordable. This will easily overcome the short battery life that most people complain about with their drones.

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