Should We Expect A Drone War?

With drones being increasingly used in military missions, a lot of people are left wondering whether or not we are going to eventually see a drone war. It turns out, this is not only in the realm of possibility, but the ultimate goal of the military’s advances in drone technology.

 us drones killed whole family

Drones currently are being used as a way to attack ground targets in other countries, without having to have any presence in the country itself. It turns out that this isn’t the end goal for drones and they are working to move towards total drone warfare, at least once other countries catch up.

Drones are being developed that have the ability to take on full aerial combat situations, without having to put any human lives in danger. The military has begun testing drones that can attack aerial targets as well as ground ones, making them capable of completely replacing humans in combat.

There is a question of what kind of impact this will have on warfare in the end, since it will drastically reduce the way that people feel about combat. In the end, we should be expecting a drone war at some point in the future. With the current advancements in technology, it would seem that this is an inevitable part of the future.

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