Should We Be Afraid Of Drone Spies?

Drones are filling the skies in higher and higher numbers. Does that mean that there is a concern for drone spies? That question remains unanswered, although there is very good reason to think that it should be a concern.

Spying People Drone

Drones are delivering a lot of power into the hands of people who aren’t regulated by the FAA, so what is to say that they will not use that power for evil? Commercial drones have made it possible to fly through the skies of your neighborhood with hi definition video, but there are people who might want to use this to spy on their neighbors. Is this a major concern? It could be.

Given the small nature of these drones, it is entirely possible that they could be posted outside of your window without you ever realizing it. There is also the concern about military style drones spying on people. While the military has not yet used drones on citizens, some police departments have begun using them in order to keep an eye on locations that have been known to have a high crime rate.

Is this spying? That is a debate for another day. At the end of the day, drone spies might not be something that everyone in the world faces, but it is something that is going to be a problem for some people.

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