Professions That Drones Will Replace

Are you worried that one day drones might replace you at your job? Maybe you should be if you are working in one of these fields!

Drone Deliver Package

Crop Dusting: Crop dusting might not be something that you think about on a regular basis, but it is still something that must be done. That being said, it is incredibly expensive to do, and growing more so all the time. In the future, drones will be replacing manned flights, although so far there are people fighting their use in this capacity.

Delivery Drivers: You’ve probably already heard about Amazon’s efforts to deliver packages by drone, but there are several other companies working on the same thing. Even Google is interested in delivering things by drone! The FAA is going to have to put rules in place before it starts, but this is certainly the future.

Military Pilots: Everyone watching the news is familiar with the Predator drones that are being used for attacks on al-Qaida leaders, but the military is also looking in to using drones as a replacement for fighter pilots as well.

Patrol Officers: In the future, drones will be able to keep an eye on the streets and save police from having to do it themselves. There are still plenty of kinks to be worked out, but drones could soon be used by everyone from border patrol agents to SWAT teams.

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