Powerray – Underwater Fishing Drone

At the recent technological CES 2017 in Las Vegas, PowerVision company headquartered in Beijing, presented the unusual unmanned underwater vehicle PowerRay that fishermen can successfully use while fishing.

underwater powerray fishing drone

Powerray can operate in both fresh and salt water. In addition, it can be used even while ice fishing.

The drone is equipped with a source of blue light and bait. It also has a built-in camera that allows you to take underwater photos and send real-time video in 4K resolution.

Powerray underwater

Using the tablet, the user can select the mode of movement, speed and adjust the lighting, etc. It also allows the use of virtual reality technology. To do this, the user must wear special VR glasses.

Powerray underwater with fishes

Powerray will be available in two colors – red and white. Official prices have not yet been given, but the product is expected to cost about $ 3,000. Sales will begin on February 27.

Drone technologies is going to change a lot. Even fishing 🙂

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