New Cars With Drone Counterparts

Drones are a part of more and more parts of our everyday life, but one thing that has so far been left untouched are our automobiles. A company known as Renault is looking to change that, as they have introduced a new car that comes with a built-in drone quadcopter.

Renault Kwid And Drone


The general idea is that the quadcopter will serve as a “flying companion” to the automobile. There are two modes of operation for the drone, One of which will cause it to automatically operate in a pre-programmed flying sequence that is based on GPS systems. This makes it possible to scout traffic ahead of them, detect problems on the road, and even take pictures of the landscape when you are traveling through a particularly beautiful area.

This also means that drivers will be able to have racing video game style playback of their drives, something that car enthusiasts are certainly going to be happy about. Although the car might not be what most people think of when it comes to design. It does have everything that an off road vehicle could need, though, making it a great option for adventurous people, the very target audience of drone technology as a whole.

The car’s name is Renault Kwid and only Asians can buy them.

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