NASA Wants To Send Drones To Explore Titan Moon

For a long time now, scientists have been interested in researching what is going on throughout the surface of Saturn’s Moon Titan. Now, they think that they might have found the answer in using drones to do it.

Titan Moon

There are several proposals up for a vote at NASA, one of which includes sending quadcopter drones to explore the moon autonomously. Since the signal would take so long to reach Earth, manual controls are out of the question.

What is so interesting to NASA are the mixtures of gas that inhabit the moon, which could be measured and studied using special instruments attached to the drone that they send to do the job. This kind of mission could change the way that NASA operates in a large way, by taking advantage of drone technology to explore places that are dangerous for humans, but too problematic for the traditional remote control vehicles that are sent.

The aerial nature of the drones means that they won’t have to overcome the standard problems that are associated with ground vehicles, opening up a huge new world. It remains to be seen if this plan will go through, but it is certainly an exciting proposal.

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