Meet Flike the flying bike

I would like to write about some fantastic machine. Meet Flike. The flying bike (tricopter to be specific).

FLIKE Controlled Flight

The team Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. introduced the concept of the world’s first manned drone named Flike. The machine will have six electric motors arranged coaxially in a Y6. Propellers are made of carbon fiber and will be driven directly by the engine. Each of the blades will rotate in pairs in opposite directions. Flike is a structure which can weight up 210 kg, and in the middle is the pilot’s seat.

Stability in flight provides on-board computer, which is responsible for automatic correction of position if you perform an uncontrolled movement. It provides stability in every level and helps the pilot guided by correcting even leans his body.

Flike is equipped with two controllers used to control and built-in lithium-polymer batteries allow a one-off for about a half hour flight. The whole structure are far from being the appearance that the authors have given her in the movie presenting their invention. It should be noted, however, that the creation of the first prototype took them only six months, and the first manned flight took place already three months later.

Hungarian initiators of the project had already managed to prove that this futuristic vehicle is able to fly. Just watch the following video.

I hope this prototype will come true. Would you buy one?

BTW Is it actually a drone?

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