Let’s dance with Parrot Disco!

That’s another great drone. Just take a look at Parrot Disco drone.

Parrot Disco CES 2016

New Parrot’s drone was presented on CES 2016. Its name is Parrot Disco and that’s how it flies:

Athis is a presentation of Parrot Disco from CES 2016:

Features of new Parrot Disco are:

  • a fixed-wing design
  • with a front nose camera
  • new autopilot software
  • automatic take-off’
  • 3-axis digital stabilization synchronized with flight sensors
  • 45 min flight time
  • air speed pitot tube
  • 8” propeller with high speed engine
  • return home
  • automatic landing
  • removable wings
  • easy to pilot
  • with skycontroller and fpv glasses
  • live telemetry & flight data
  • compatible with controller
  • 14 megapixel front nose camera
  • program with flight plan

And? What do you think about it?

This drone is a good one. It looks perfect to have fun with kinds and fly around a bit, but…

After watch this film I really don’t like the way this drone is landing. I think camera could damage after that kind of landing. These guys need to install a cover on the camera to protect it. In this model I’d prefer manual landing.

What do you think about Parrot Disco?

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