JEM Internal Ball Camera the first space drone

The first drone has been sent to space. Its name is JEM Internal Ball Camera (Int-Ball) and sends photos from the International Space Station. It was shipped by SpaceX.

Int-Ball space drone

The Int-Ball drone is equipped with the Japanese Kobo Research Module. Another interesting point: the Int-Ball drone is controled by the JAXA Space Center located in Tsukuba, Japan. The Int-Ball can be moved freely across the board.

The purpose of cosmic drones is to capture photos and videos and to send them real-time to scientists on Earth. So far, such activities have been carried out by the same astronauts aboard the International Space Station, so clever robots can be a bit offloaded.

Int-Ball learn to fly

The components used in the 3D printing process are used in the Int-Ball design.

150 mm diameter drones travel around the ISS board in microgravity. For navigating through the room, it uses a special marker that allows to orient itself into space.

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