Is A Drone Software Programmer A Profession Of The Future?

The talk surrounding drones lately has brought up a lot of interesting questions. What role will they play in the future? How involved will humans be? What kinds of jobs are humans going to do to help with drones?

Future Drone

It should be obvious at this point, but in the future being a drone software programmer is going to be an extremely fruitful venture. There aren’t very many official training programs set up at tech schools or colleges, but that doesn’t mean that software programmers aren’t going to be a necessary and vital part of the future of drones.

As more people gain access to drones, there are going to be exciting new opportunities opening up. This can mean finding new things to do with drones, in addition to finding new ways to take control of them. Autopilot software already has a lot of work that needs to be done, and a lot of potential, but people are going to want even more autonomy in their drones in the future.

Are you a computer programmer? Have an interest in drones? It might be time to start seriously thinking about this as a career option once the FAA allows more people to start using them commercially.

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