HyDrone 1550 – First Hydrogen-Powered Drone

The Chinese company MMC UAV released on the market probably the world’s first commercial hydrogen-powered drone. It is HyDrone 1550, which was created for monitoring, inspections or terrain mapping.

HyDrone 1550

HyDrone 1550 was hailed by the manufacturer of the first commercially available and ready to sell hydrogen-powered drone.

On one tank of hydrogen HyDrone 1550 can fly a distance approx. 57km, but the radius in which it operates approx. 5km. Flight time with no load (additional +1kg) is 150 minutes. The maximum limit is 3km. According to the manufacturer – drone is designed to fly with good sunny weather.

For sure, many people ask themselves this question – how to acquire hydrogen for use in these drones? Manufacturer MMC has covered it: you can purchase a special machine to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen can be purchased also at wholesale quantities in cylinders with a capacity of tens of liters (is used in welding, food, pharmaceutical, chemical) or refuel at the petrol station.

Hydrogen tank

Of course, you can get hydrogen yourself at home conditions, even without the use of machines offered by the MMC company. We doubt anyone would in this way provide a flammable gas under its own roof (unless, that is a good chemist and knows what he is doing).

Hydrogen-powered drone is a milestone for the entire industry. We hope that hydrogen technology will be further developed. As passionate about technology and drones we are excited about the future 🙂

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