How To Shoot Down A Drone?

Have you noticed drones flying over your land lately? A lot of people have and they have now begun wondering what they can do to shoot down a drone. Is it legal? How hard is it?

Drone shot down

It turns out, it is illegal to shoot down most drones. A town in Colorado recently took up a vote on whether or not they could shoot down drones that were flying overhead, including US military drones. The Federal Government quickly stepped in and let them know that there would be trouble if this happened. What about commercial drones that you feel are spying on you? That is a much tougher question.

For commercial drones, it isn’t that difficult. A recent hunting group even began using drones as target practice, even having night shoots with glowsticks attached to them. Any decently powered handgun or rifle can easily take one down, due to the lightweight nature of the drones. They may have enough protection to keep them safe if they crash, but they are nothing for a bullet.

So, if you are thinking about shooting down a drone you’ve seen flying around, think long and hard about it. It won’t be hard to do, if you can aim well enough, but you might find yourself in a bit of trouble.

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