How To Hack A Drone?

As with any new technological advance, there is a constant worry about drones being hacked and controlled by a third party.
Bebop 3 drone

DARPA has unveiled “hack proof” drones for use in the military, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to hack into commercial drones that might be flying near you. That is exactly what an infamous drone hacker has proven when he released his own software options for people to hack into commercial drones. Samy Kamkar has created a way for users to fly a drone near other drones, hack into them, and takeover control.

How is this accomplished? using a Raspberry Pi circuit board and a Parrot AR. Drone quadcopter, users can upload a program called “Skyjack” with automates the process almost entirely. Using a Linux machine on the ground, all you have to do is fly near another drone and run a script.

This really couldn’t get any easier. The software is free to download from the hacker’s website, although you will need added hacking software that is available on Kali Linux distributions. What kind of impact this could have on companies like Amazon, who are planning to introduce drone delivered packages, remains to be seen.

That does mean that for now it is possible for you to hack into other drones and have some fun.

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