How To Defend Your Privacy Against Spying Drones?

Privacy concerns with drones aren’t going to go anywhere soon, but there are now ways that you can defend yourself against spying drones that the people around you might have. This can take a couple of different forms, but the general idea is that you are going to make it impossible for someone to spy on you at home, even if they have a tiny drone with a camera attached to it.

AR Drone 2.0 spying

The first thing that people have been advocating is simply shooting down drones. This is in a legally complicated area, but some towns have attempted to pass laws making it legal to even shoot down military drones that might be used to spy on Americans, even though there has been no attempt as of yet.

There are also more peaceful methods, such as a Kickstarter project that is aiming to create a Personal Drone Detection System that will create a network of signals around your home that will alert you to any drones in the area. Rather than focusing on Military drones that might be high in the sky, they are working to stop drones that might be used to spy on other people more closely.

If you want to defend your privacy against spying drones, you can invest in the Kickstarter project now, or wait for them to release the final product. Privacy is going to continue being a concern for a large number of people, so don’t be left unprotected.

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