How To Control A Drone With A Smartphone?

From cars to home thermostats, it seems like almost anything can be controlled from a smartphone these days. With the future of technology coming fast, it should be no surprise that people are now controlling their private drones with their smartphone as well. This is the future of drones.

Control Drone by Smartphone

Last year, a Kickstarter campaign showed up that was promising the first smartphone controlled drone that would be available to the public. The App that handled it is very cool to look at. Showing the images from the camera that is mounted on it, the phone superimposes joysticks and buttons for video and photos, although it can also be controlled, incredibly, by the accelerometer inside of an iPhone.

Did you miss out on contributing to the Kickstarter? Fortunately, there are plenty more coming out now. A drone maker in San Francisco recently announced that they are producing a smartphone controlled drone that can also fit into a pocket, although perhaps only a large pocket. To accomplish this, they simply made arms for the propellers that fold into the device, making it the size of a small external hard drive. We might even see smaller devices in the future!

There are limited options for this right now, but as we move forward there are going to be more and more drones to choose from. Be on the lookout for the AeriCam in particular, since it is going to make drones more portable and more easily controlled than ever.

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