How much the drone cost?

At the beginning of the drones were available only in the military. Today drone can have even in your own home and watch what sexy neighbor from across the street doing in the evening. This is not expensive and prices are falling. Drones are not expensive. Of course, it depends on what the drone will be. You can buy a fairly cheap basic models.


For less than $ 100 you can buy something that only resembles the drone. You will be able to stick there a miniature camera and patched around you. The range will be small.

For 200 – $ 300 buy drone, which you can record and immediately transmit the recorded image. The range will also be a little bigger. It’s getting interesting.

Approx. $ 500 will cost you drone, which you can do watch a neighbor or fly around. This class drones can already be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

For $ 1,000 you can buy a drone, which not only will have a fairly sizable range, but also will be able to move the camera, the camera or other equipment. Cheaper models are not able to carry almost anything.

If you are rich or like drones, then you can buy the more expensive drone. The more you spend, the more opportunities will be your drones.

Too expensive? Need something else? You can build your own drone.

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