Google Project Wing

There is a special section of Google called Google X, which is where all of their risky and technologically advanced projects are handled. Their most recent project has been Google Project Wing.

Google X

What is Project Wing? Google says they have been working on this for at least two years now and it intended to make delivering things to hard to reach areas easier than it has ever been.

So far, they have been testing this in Queensland, Australia to deliver packages to farmers who are otherwise hard to reach. In Australia, the regulations around flying drones are much more released, so it is easier to find out what works best.

Google also points out that this might be used to service people in emergency situations. After a disaster, it is hard to reach people who are in danger and in need of emergency supplies, but Google’s Project Wing could change that.

When are we going to see this used in the United States? That is a much tougher situation. Right now, the FAA is stopping commercial groups from using drones in this way, although Google and Amazon are both working to change that. Unfortunately, Google Project Wing might still be years from coming to America.

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