Fotokite Drone

When you’re trying to take aerial photographs and video with a drone, it’s easy to worry that you might lose it somewhere. What if it was a type of kite that you could hold onto and never lose again? That is precisely what the fotokite is going for.

Fotokite Drone

The fotokite relies on a load-bearing link that makes sure you always know where the drone is, but also alerts people near you to what is going on. The secrecy of drone recording is what makes so many people uneasy after all. To control it, you move it just like you would a regular kite, with framing pictures as simple as just rotating the hand held monitor. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Due to the fact that it shares the fundamental design with kites, it also has the ability to fly without the usual FAA restrictions placed on drones. If you are someone that is skeptical about what will happen next, this is a big deal.

Overall, this is a unique type of drone. It combines the latest technological advances with simple design, making it a stand out option on the market today. The FAA regulations alone should make this an interesting product to pay attention to, though.

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