Flyox I – the biggest, most versatile and economical civil drone in the market?

Thats the catching phrase of producer. Are you gonna buy that drone with such advert? No? So, let’s read that.
 Flyox I image

Producer (Singular Aircraft company) thinks that there are 4 main roles for this drone: agricultural work, firefighting, goods transport, surveillance and lifesaving. It looks like a drone for special task. Indeed.

Flyox I is a new concept for the drone of fairly significant size (that is flying amphibian!). It was equipped with two engines pulling can take off and land with almost every type of surface: ice, snow, water or unpaved airstrips, even at night. But the most important goal of the company that led the Singular Aircraft was to create a product with a minimum cost of acquiring and subsequent maintenance of the structure in readiness for air operations. It looks like they did.

Looks amazing in our opinion. Hope they sell a lot of Flyox One’s.

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