Drones With Laser Guns

Drones are going to continue being a big part of modern warfare, although one thing that has now been invented still seems like science fiction to most people. Drones mounted with laser guns are arriving now and they are surely a thing of the future.

Laser Drone

In Israel, the “Iron Dome” protects them from missile attacks coming from Palestine, although the United States has created their own version, involving lasers that can be mounted on drones.

The HEL MD laser uses a 10 kilowatt solid state laser to destroy other drones, mortars, and missiles. The beam that is produced is about the size of a quarter in diameter and completely invisible. They are also capable of destroying a target that is 5km away, making them great for taking care of combat problems early.

There is already talk about bumping up the power, too. Once it has been replaced with a 100 kilowatt laser, these drones will be one of the most powerful assets that the military has when it comes to keeping troops safe in combat conditions. Even if the military stops using drones for actual attacks, as they have been, this can be a huge advantage.

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