Drones Will Feed You

Drones are awesome. We’re sure you know it. But do you know that drones can prepare you some meal to eat?

Drone makes cake

We know a lot about drones. But sometimes we are suprised looking at things drones do. One of them is drones making food.

For the purposes of his latest ad, the Norwegian mobile operator Telia harnessed to work a couple of drones – the operators have with the help of unmanned flying machines to prepare the cake. Here’s how they work out.

Drones which made a cake. What a wonderful idea here! God bless you man who get the idea of this advertisement.

Another great movie. DJI djdjidwhich blends food for you. That’s how this drone can feed you.

Maybe the blender is not perfect but still we admire it.

Drones can also serve your favourite snack whaever you do. The idea is simple and we love it so much.

And finally drones are food as well. Monkey likes them.

Drones and food. There are sooo much of drones can do. We love you drones owners for interesting things you do.

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