Drones That Hunt Fish

Drones that hunt fish have been under a lot of scrutiny lately, mainly from wildlife advocates who say that this is an unfair advantage to fisherman who can now snap up more catches than ever. Even though that might be a conversation for another day, it remains true that this can be a powerful asset for technologically minded fishermen.

Drone hunts Fish

The general idea is that people have attached fishing lines to their drones, allowing them the chance to hunt down fish and catch them much farther out than they would typically go, or without leaving the shore. This could give fishermen a huge leg up on the competition, if they can find a way to make it work.

There is also a concern that this might place other people on the water in danger, though. Kayakers and others will be facing unregulated aircrafts that might crash into them if they are in the wrong hands. This is an ongoing debate, but the FAA is not starting to weigh in on the issue.

Hunting fish doesn’t necessarily have to mean catching them, though, and some conservation groups have been using drones to hunt down fish population and track their growth and change. Whether this will be something that begins to be regulated as well remains to be seen, but using drones to hunt fish in one way or another is probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

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