Drones go deeper into mines!

Drones usually fly over our heads. Meanwhile, an international mining corporation Rio Tinto, decided to bring these machines into the ground and use them in their mines.

mine mining drone
It’s fascinating how there are new ideas for the use of drone technology. This time we will tell how drones will be used in the mines. Drones will be used to gather information. Drones will examine the content of the air, the presence of dangerous gases (methane) and check that there is no use of life for miners.

Drone to be used in coal and iron ore in Western Australia and Queensland. Equipped with a video camera, infrared sensors and other sensors will take care of inspection and production lines, monitoring the movement of the walls, etc., Thus greatly facilitating the work of miners and improving their safety.

In the future, the consortium also plans to perform tests of new programs in which drones will be used to monitor power lines and railway tracks. Drones are part of the program, which assumes the use of autonomous trucks to the carriage of ore, autonomous railway depots and extraction systems.

We congratulate Rio Tinto about innovation and care for the safety of people. Let us hope that the project will be successful and Rio Tinto and other companies will invest in new projects with drones.

One thought on “Drones go deeper into mines!”

  1. Good old RTZ, so nice to see SOME are to use this wonderful tech and not to show fear to governmental bodies in uk who so narrow mindedly say ‘drones will not be legal’ well don’t we know how un legal mobile phones are with many death accidents due to the mobile phone. nice one RTZ go for it and lets see the good you are well capable of.

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