CyPhy Parc: neverlanding drone

CyPhy company just built a Parc drone. This project is really interesting so it is worth to write about this drone on

CyPhy PARC drone

The biggest weakness of drones used for aerial surveillance is the need to land it from time to time to replenish the energy in batteries. The company CyPhy created a Parc drone which can fly in the air basically indefinitely.

Parc does not have to land, because there is no battery. Power is supplied via tiny cable. thanks to nanotech electronics. In this way it is also transmitted video signal to the operator.

The drone is equipped with six rotors and the high resolution camera which also operates in the infrared.

Because the cable range drone is considerably limited. Parc is the ideal drone, however, when your task is watching some point in space for a long time.

We wish all the best to CyPhy company. We hope that they will develop their technology.

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