Could Mini Drones Master The World?

Drones have been a particularly large thing in the world of military uses, but commercial drones have started getting smaller and smaller. They are also being used in ways that no one could have predicted before, potentially making them something that could master the world in the distant future.

Micro Drone 2.0

Tiny drones, weighing as little as 80mg, have been developed for a number of different purposes, although it isn’t the direct uses that have become so interesting. These tiny drones are going to be able to operate in a sort of “hive,” working together like bees to send information to each other and potentially plan out actions together, rather than needing a direct order from a remote control.

Does that mean that tiny drones could master the world?

With the ability to think together it is certainly a possibility. Drones that can plan and act as a group can effectively become intelligent beings with the right technology, much like the AI robots of science fiction fame. How far into the future this might be remains to be seen, though. Projects are in the works to bring them to a massive audience, but so far it is only a small handful of researchers that have the ability to test them.

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