Could Drones Replace Bees?

Recent bee deaths have caused a lot of concern, but there is a potential use for drones that could replace some of their functions with a synthetic counterpart.

RoboBee drone

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have created an 80mg RoboBee drone that could have dramatic effects on a variety of things, including the recent loss of bee colonies. It might not be the only miniature drone that is in existence, but it is one that has the most promise. New motors and parts had to be created specifically for this purpose, since there was nothing small enough, but they succeeded in testing flights that they say could mean a change in the way that we pollinate plants.

The drones have the ability to work as a “hive” and share information with each other, working as a group instead of requiring the input from people for every action that they take. It is still many years away, but the scientists want to use them to pollinate crops in a way that has previously been impossible. What kind of commercial use, or any widespread use, this could have remains to be seen, although the possibilities are endless.

Can drones replace bees? We don’t know yet. It is definitely possible, however.

BTW Albert Einstein said that people will dye without bees. What a shame that they haven’t thought about drones.

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