HyDrone 1550 – First Hydrogen-Powered Drone

The Chinese company MMC UAV released on the market probably the world’s first commercial hydrogen-powered drone. It is HyDrone 1550, which was created for monitoring, inspections or terrain mapping.

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Stanford Climbing and Aerial Maneuvering Platform (SCAMP)

Meet SCAMP (Stanford Climbing and Aerial Maneuvering Platform): The Flying, Perching, Climbing Robot. That’s the movie’s title which I would like to talk you about this time.


Engineers from the on Stanford University recently created an unmanned flying machine called SCAMP. It looks like an ordinary quadkopter, but has some interesting properties. Continue reading Stanford Climbing and Aerial Maneuvering Platform (SCAMP)

Hydrogen fuel cell drones

The problem of drones are batteries – batteries are just heavy so that most of the drones can fly for several of minutes. For this reason drones producers are looking for new solutions. One of them is hydrogen fuel cell. Manufacturers believe that with hydrogen fuel cells, they will definitely extend the flight time of drones.Hydrogen symbol

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