What Is The Range Of A Drone?

When looking at drones, there is one thing that can have a massive impact on the kind of model you choose, and that is the range that it has. While commercial drones might not be able to touch the range that military drones have, there are some that can have a larger range than you would think.

Drone Fly Away


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Why Is Google So Interested In Drones?

Google has a load of money to spend on programs that they are interested in, but the secret drone program could be one of the most interesting things that they are working on. Everyone knows that Amazon is planning to deliver packages to people in just a couple of hours, but why is Google so interested in drone technology?

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How much the drone cost?

At the beginning of the drones were available only in the military. Today drone can have even in your own home and watch what sexy neighbor from across the street doing in the evening. This is not expensive and prices are falling. Drones are not expensive. Of course, it depends on what the drone will be. You can buy a fairly cheap basic models.


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