Can Drones Deliver Packages?

Online shopping is more popular than it has ever been. Just think about how many packages you probably order on a monthly basis. Wouldn’t you love to get your packages faster than you’ve ever thought possible?

Drone Deliver Package

Amazon was the first to announce that they were working on a way to accomplish this, in the form of two hour delivery for people within a certain distance of their facilities. With the most recent prototypes, they are promising a drone that can fly at 50 miles per hour and have packages delivered even further and faster.

It was only a short time before the DHL announced that they were working on similar things. They pointed out how important this could be in disaster situations, when it is hard to deliver medicines and other small packages.

There are problems with this, though, since in the US it has been hard to receive approval. In other countries, however, it has been more readily accepted. In Australia, for example, Google has been testing out Google X in hopes of selling even larger products that people might order.

In the future, it is entirely possible that people might be replaced by drones for delivering a lot of packages. It might be a while before we start to see the number of drones required to entirely replace humans, although it isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

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