Biodegradable drones – untraceable spies

Biodegradable drones are the clever idea. You may ask why to construct such drones. Read this to get to know something interesting.

Biodegradable drones

Imagine that you run a spy mission. You are sending a drone that flies in the territory of a foreign country. What happens when a drone is shot down? The drone will be taken over by the enemy. You do not want that.

And what happens when a biodegradable drone is shot down? It dissolves. The enemy will not know anything, because the drone will not exist any more. Your only loss is the loss of the drone. That’s nothing. Most importantly, the opponent gained nothing.

The idea of biodegradable drones was made in order to provide better military intelligence.

The design is mainly based on mycelium. It is grown in the shape of the housing to operate the drone flying. The material is then coated with a layer of cellulose, which gives it adequate strength needed for flight. Inside the decaying over time of construction, while there are electronic circuits. After some time, they also are melted. They are made with a special ink created based on silver nanoparticles.

If the drone crash into enemy territory during a spy mission, after some time will remain after him gone. Or at least most of its elements will disappear, because not all are biodegradable. Do not decompose, for example, rotors, control and battery pack.

On the other hand, after finding the same rotor and power, no one is unlikely to suspect that they are the remains of a spy drone.

This kind of drones may be used for many civilian purposes. Certainly the use of natural elements konstrukji has a positive impact on the environment.

Currently the are researchs to create a drone that will completely disappear after the accident.

You may aks:

  • if this drone dissolves before enemy can find it?
  • how to fly this drone when the is a rain or high temperature around?
  • can we use this technology on other planets or in case of harsh weather conditions?
  • can these drone become untraceable by radars?

The answer is: this technology is still developing. We hope it will.

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