Areosense DTO1-E – new Sony’s drone

Sony is the next company which dreams about building drones. They want to build really fast ones.

Areosense DTO1-E

Sony and ZMP created their new company named Areosense. New drone names is DTO1-E and it flies like this:

Nice, isn’t it?

Areosense DTO1-E looks like a small plane, but is designed in such a way as to be able to vertically take off and land. The creators report that the drone is able to fly for 2 hours with quite a heavy camera and has a 100 mph top speed.

Sony know business and ZMP is a drones manufacturer. Sony brings to the experience of designing and manufacturing digital cameras and camcorders, ranging from optics, through electronics, and digital matrices ending, but the company ZMP has already had experience in designing flying vehicles. Interestingly, the initial plans assume that it will be rather drones designed for the professional market, not small, toy gadgets at an affordable price.

Are you a professional photographer or rich drone enthusiast? Areosense DTO1-E looks like something for you. Looking forward…

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