Are Drones Dangerous For People?

Drones might seem like they are only dangerous to the people on the other end of a Predator’s strike, but in fact there are a couple of unique dangers that commercial and private drones pose to the public. These might only be minor concerns for now, until the FAA and commercial organizations can figure out what the best way to handle them is.

Drone Shoots

Primarily, people are concerned about a swarm of drones in the sky coming into contact with airplanes. This could be a much larger problem than just the drones being destroyed. The metal parts of a drone can do much more damage than a bird can, which commercial planes also hit from time to time.

There is also a growing concern about drone accidents. Military drones have been involved in 23 accidents since 2009, although private and commercial drones have had accidents as well on a much smaller scale. A quad copter drone, for example, crashed into the Metropolitan Square Building in St Louis recently.

Are drones dangerous for people? They can be, but does that mean that they shouldn’t be allowed? The problem is more of an issue around the regulation of them, than the inherent risks involved.

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