Are Drones A Danger For Planes?

With the growing popularity of drones, there is a conversation that has begun over whether or not commercial drones are a danger to planes that are flying through the area. Wouldn’t it just be like any bird hitting a plane?

Plane Crush

Much of the controversy started when airline pilots at LaGuardia Airport and Los Angeles International Airport reported that there were drones in the area at high altitudes, unnerving them. The FAA reports don’t say how close to the planes the drones came, but it does detail that they are unable to track them down or figure out who is flying them.

The concern is that in the future there could be even more of these crowding the sky, posing a significant danger to the airline planes that are flying by. Should this happen, the problem will be that these small drones will not show up on a radar system and won’t be detected by any of the traffic collision avoidance systems, meaning they will be much more likely to collide with them.

Those collisions could cause a lot of damage due to the fact that there is a lot of metal parts built into the drones. With the size of some of these drones, it is exactly like hitting a small aircraft. While this might not mean a crash, it could easily mean expensive damage to engines. Until the FAA figures out a way to regulate these, it is likely to remain a concern.

BTW today is 6th december. Isn’t Santa a danger for planes too? 🙂

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